Mastery 4: Modeling languages and tools

Another week, another topic! What pleasure of topic do get to learn this week? Well if you couldn’t tell by the title it is modelling languages and tools.

The definition of modeling language is a language that can be used to express different knowledge and data in a format that is defined by a dependable set of rules. The rules or guidelines are used for understanding the meaning of components in the design.

Modeling language can be divided into two different types:


This type of language use diagram techniques with various symbols that serve as concepts and lines that connects these symbols with several relationship. Example of graphical modelling language can be UML:

UML stands for unified modeling language and has been evolving since the 1990 and has its roots in object-oriented programming. UML design offers a way to visualize the system’s architectural blueprints in a diagram.

UML has many different types of diagram. A few types represent structural information and the others represent ordinary types of behaviour and interactions.

Structural diagrams:

These diagrams highlight the things that must be present in the system. Since these diagrams going to represent the structure, they are used to a big level in documenting the software architecture of software systems.

Behaviour diagrams:

Behaviour diagrams highlight what must happen in the system that is being modelled. Behaviour diagrams illustrate the systems behaviour, which means it is used for describing the performance or process of software systems.

Interaction diagrams:

Interaction diagrams highlight the flow of control and data among the thing in the system being modelled.


This type of language may use keywords accompanied by natural language terms to make up various expressions.  Example how a textual type could look something like:

  • The Eiffel tower <is located in> Paris
  • Paris <is classified as a> city

And as a bounus we are also going to mention VRML


VRML also know as virtual reality modeling language. VRML is a file format for representing 3D (3-dimensional) interactive graphics. By using VRML, you build a sequence of visual images which a user later on can interact with by viewing, moving, rotating and so on.




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